The Girl Behind the Blog

Since it’s the start of a brand new year and there are a few new faces around here.  I figured I would give a little re-introduction!  I saw this tag over on Mistle’s blog, Sweet Tea and Hydrangeas before the new year and thought the questions were perfect for a little get to know me post for the start of 2017!

So here we go!

First off I’m Kathleen! The girl behind Places I Will Go! I’ve been blogging since the end of 2010 and have loved every minute of it.  My favorite thing about blogging has been all the people I’ve met through the process.  I also love having a place to go back and remember important and even not so important events from life.

And here’s just a little bit more about me:

1. What is your middle name?   My mom didn’t give me one, because she wants my maiden name to become my middle when I get married.

2. What was your favorite subject in school?  History and English.  I’m seriously considering going back to school and getting my masters in History.

3. What is your favorite drink?  All time favorite is Dr. Pepper, but coffee is up there too!

4. What is your favorite song at the moment?  I mostly listen to the radio or one of my Pandora stations, but my favorite song right now is Head Over Boots by Jon Pardi.

5. What is your favorite food?  Sushi and pasta.  But I love a good burger and fries too.

6. What is the last thing you bought? A few decor items for the apartment.  But I’m about to be in the process of buying a new car!  I’ve started looking online and fingers crossed I find a good deal within the next week or so!

7. Favorite book of all time? Harry Potter for sho.  But I also love The Century Trilogy by Ken Follet.  It’s really hard for me to pick just one favorite book.  Like I think it would be impossible to narrow it down to just one.

8. Favorite color? Pink.

9. Do you have any pets? Yes, two cats, Sadie and Brady.

10. Favorite perfume? Burberry London.  I finally got some for Christmas so it’s been nice smelling good again!  Not that I smelled bad before but ya know…perfume helps!

11. Favorite holiday? Christmas.

12. Are you married? Nope.  Sadly not.

13. Have you ever been out of the country?  If so, how many times?  Yes.  Last summer I spend 2 weeks in Europe (it was the best trip EVER) and I’ve been on a few cruises and to Mexico.  I’m hope to add to my country count in the next few years though!

14. So you speak any other languages? Yep!  Spanish.

15. How many siblings do you have? 1, a younger brother.

16. what is your favorite shop? Does Target count as a shop?  Also a big fan of J. Crew and Old Navy.

17. Favorite restaurant? I can’t really say I have a favorite restaurant, but my friends and I always go to the same sushi restaurant and it’s called Nagoya.

18. When was the last time your cried? Last night watching Parenthood.

19. Favorite Blog? How can I pick just one?!  Here are a few of my daily reads:  Going the Distance, See You in A Porridge, The Wandering Weekenders, The Barefoot Blonde, The Daily Tay, Lauren Elizabeth, The Small Things Blog, Meg O. on the Go, Alkek’s Abroad.   This is just a handful.  There are definitely a ton more! 🙂

20. Favorite Movie? 

21. Favorite TV Shows? Grey’s Anatomy, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Modern Family, Friends, The Real Housewives (all of them)…..just to name a few.  I’m a big TV person! lol

22. PC or Mac? Mac all the way.

23. What phone do you have? iPhone 6.

24. How tall are you? 5’7″ ish.

25. Can you cook? Yes and no.  I’m not so good at coming up with recipes and stuff but I can follow a recipe just fine.  I got my first Hello Fresh box on Saturday and on Monday I made my very first meal.

9 thoughts on “The Girl Behind the Blog

  1. Aww thanks for the shout out friend! What kind of car are you looking at buying? Good luck–I know that process can be super stressful (and time consuming!!)


  2. very interesting about your middle name/maiden name thing, i would have hated if my mum did that because i hate my maiden name haha. my mum did too though, so i'm glad she didn't 😉 how exciting about a new car!! always thanks for the shout out lovely 🙂 you're the sweetest! right back at you.


  3. That's so cool that your mom didn't give you a middle name because she wanted your maiden name to become your middle name! I never would have thought to do that. And 1000 times yes to Harry Potter! There's nothing better! Parenthood is seriously the one show that I would consistently cry during every episode. It was so good and made me feel all the feels! Everybody compares This Is Us to Parenthood but I still think that Parenthood was better. I can't wait for dinner on Friday!


  4. Love these type of posts, maybe I will borrow this idea for a post down the road! Can't wait to catch up with you and Ashley over some yummy sushi, it's becoming one of my favorite foods too!! Parenthood just gives me all the feels!! Love the middle name/maiden name thing :)!


  5. I love that middle name idea, never heard of that before! I couldn't agree more about the Mac over PC. Both my family an boyfriend have PC's and they just don't understand..


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