Currently: February

Since I’ve neglected my little space of the internet for most of this month.  I figured a “Currently” post was just the thing.

Reading….The Zookeeper Wife by Diane Ackerman and The Last Train to Istanbul by Ayse Kulin.  Both are historical fiction books based around WWII.  I know that is shocking to everyone, but it’s been a while since I’ve read historical fiction.  Plus one of these is more of a nonfiction book than a fiction book in my humble opinion.  Both are pretty good so far, and I’m interested to see who they end.

Watching….Girls on HBO and I’m about to start watching they’re new limited series or whatever they’re calling it Big Little Lies.  I read the book by Lianne Moriarty and LOVED it.  So I’m super excited to see how it translates to the tv screen.  I’m a little disappointed because the book is written by an Australian woman and so all the characters and the setting are Australian but the show is American based.  womp womp.  I’m sure it’ll still be good but still would have preferred something a little more authentic to the book. 

Wanting….to be at Thrive this coming weekend, but sadly I’ll miss it this year.  Last year I attended my very first blog conference and it was literally the best weekend EVER.  I was really hoping to be able to attend again this year, but it just wasn’t in the cards.  But I’ll definitely be following along on social media!  If you’ve never attended a blog conference I highly recommend them.  I was a blogging roll last year in large part to Thrive!  

Thinking about….this past weekend.  I had my first trip of 2017 this past weekend.  It was a long weekend because of President’s Day and I made it an even longer one by taking off Friday as well.  I went to Atlanta to spend some time with my bestie Jordan and her family.  We had the most delightful weekend EVER!  Filled with food, fun, laughter, and babies!!  
I think the craziest thing we did was visit JonBenet Ramsey’s grave.  So weird I know, but we are both followers of the story.  I even wrote a whole report on the case when I was in the 7th grade, so when it was mentioned that she’s buried in Marietta, GA we jumped at the chance to visit and pay our respects.  It was erie and sad to be honest.  I didn’t post about it on Instagram but if you follow me on Snapchat or looked at my Instagram story I did capture the visit there.  And I did snap a picture of the sake of the blog. 
After the visit to the grave site we wandered around Bulkhead, GA.  Grabbed a coffee, a few cupcakes, and snapped some fun blog worthy pictures!  Oh and we visited the cutest Kendra Scott store.  I scoped out what I’ll be buying with my birthday discount next month! So many pretty things it’s gonna be a tough choice.  
The rest of the weekend was super laid back.  We took Brynn out and got some super cute pictures of her for her 6 months!  

Over all it was a phenomenal weekend!  I just love visiting Jordan and her sweet little family.  We have the best time together and I cannot wait for the day when we’ll be able to get both our families together.  Fingers crossed it gets to happen soon rather than later! 

Feeling….ready for something new.  I have a feeling that something is job related.  I’m not so sure teaching is the right career for me anymore and it’s a very frustrating feeling because I’m not 100% sure what else I want to do.  I have some thoughts running through my head but I’m nervous about the idea of starting completely over and not making them money I’m making now.  

Looking forward to….Spring and summer time!  Kroger has the prettiest bouquets right now and it took all I had to not buy every single bloom they had in the store.  I am so ready for spring it’s not even funny.  But I’m also so excited for the summer because I have 3 amazing trips lined up.  I have a whole post planned detailing the trips of 2017, so expect that soon!

Loving….MY CAR!!! EEEK!  It’s officially been one month since I bought it and I’m still totally in love.  I can’t get over how much room there is and how nice it is to be in a car I actually like driving!  Plus it’s pretty! 

Needing….highlights!  My goodness my hair is bad.  It’s been almost 7 months since I’ve had them and it is showing.  I had a student ask me if I had had balayage done and my response was, “No, not on purpose!” So I have an appointment set up and I’ll get a fresh head of blonde before my birthday! Which is a little less than a month a way! 

I’m a little in awe of the fact that we’re in the last full week of February.  I’m about two and half weeks away from Spring Break and with the way I’m feeling about work these days, it cannot come soon enough!  
Have a great Wednesday friends! Linking up with Jenn and Jess

7 thoughts on “Currently: February

  1. Being able to visit friends is seriously the best, and those pictures of Bryn are the cutest! I'm waiting patiently to watch Big Little Lies until Chris gets back from training. I'm listening to the book with him and he's loving it so far, which has me so excited!


  2. i am going to wait for big little lies to be finished so i can watch it all at once. i agree with you on wishing they'd stuck with keeping it australian, but i would have been mad if they had made everyone do fake accents or gotten things wrong by having an american producer/director or whatever. i don't mind when they take things and make them american, vs butchering them.i know lots of people who have switched careers, you gotta make yourself happy girl.


  3. The series is really good, I haven't read the book, but watching the first episode it totally makes me want to! I cannot get over how cute Brynn is, how awesome that you got to spend some extended time with her and your bestie, hope you get many more encounters this year!! I hope your career path takes you where you want to go, sometimes it can be difficult to feel like something feels right! My husbands birthday is in April and I'm totally dragging him to KS to use his bday discount, I've had my eye on a few things :)!


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