The Weekend

What a weekend!   It seriously feels like I was on the go nonstop and I didn’t hate it.  After having a really laid back Spring Break, I was ready for an eventful weekend.

Lets recap shall we?

Friday kicked off with a surprise baby shower for a co-worker at school.  We coach together and she is having a little boy come May. Following the baby shower, I drove out to College Station to spend the night with my aunt and uncle. We watched a movie, had dinner and then went to bed!  

Saturday dawned bright and early.  I slept fantastic and had a leisurely morning with coffee and a muffins.  Then we jumped in the car and headed out to explore a little but of Texas.

We ended up in Independence, Texas (where Texas officially declared independence from Mexico, apparently they have a big celebration on March 2nd).  Our stop in Independence was the Antique Rose Emporium, which is basically just a little nursery where you can purchase different types of plants and flowers.  They have a huge space with adorable little walkways and paths all lined with sweet smelling florals.

I literally could have spent all day here, it was so peaceful and beautiful.  And the Texas weather was absolutely perfect!  There was also a little chapel on the grounds and you can rent out the space for weddings and other special events.  Which I feel like would be the perfect setting for a wedding I mean look at this place!

These roses smelled heavenly.  I stood there for at least 10 minutes inhaler their sweet scent and taking about a thousand pictures.

After our stroll through The Emporium, we headed back to College Station and had a tasty lunch at a popular burger place, Koppe Bridge Bar & Grill.  Then it was back to Houston.

Once I got back to Houston, I decided to do a little DIYing.  My friend Jordan had posted that she was going to be making her own farmhouse inspired candle holders.  I loved them so much I decided to make some for myself.   So a trip to Home Depot and about $25 later I have these adorable new candle holders.  Apparently the original ones can cost as much $200.  But you can find the full tutorial for these little beauties over at Jordan’s blog, Former Kennedy.

As I was getting my DIY on, I watched Midnight in Paris and reminded myself just how much love that movie.  I would love for what happens to Owen Wilson to happen to me.  Plus I agree with my friend Jenny, who said that the film gives a great message in that every generation feels like the time period they’re living in is unfulfilling.  And that previous generations “had it better”.   But that we should appreciate that every generation feels like that!  So enjoy the time period you’re living in to the fullest because the next era will think we had it better!

Sunday morning I was up bright and early again.  I met some friends from work for brunch at Churasscos, a tasty South American inspired restaurant in Memorial City.  It was so nice to spend some time with them outside of work.  Plus we celebrated my birthday since I wasn’t in town on my actual birthday.

The later part of the day was spent at Lawless Spirits & Kitchen at a blogger workshop.  This was my first workshop with the Houston Bloggers Union, a branch of The Blogger Union.  I was so excited to attend this particular workshop because the focus was photography!  The event was put on by two local Houston bloggers, Anastasia and Natalie from It’s not Hou it’s me.  They put together a fantastic workshop with some amazing venders.   We had a Q&A with two fantastic photographers, Maritere from Maritere Rice Photography and Kellan and Michelle from Cotton Weddings.

Following the Q&A we had the opportunity to practice out skills using some amazing props from some amazing venders around Houston.  I got to chat with Michelle about using manual mode and she gave me some great tips and tricks.  While there were all kinds of props and set ups we could have practiced with I found myself mostly drawn to the florals and pretty desserts.  I’ve included some of my favorites from the session.

Mind you these are completely raw photos.  I didn’t edited them at all.  
To say I had a great time at the meet up would be an understatement.  I met some great fellow bloggers and actually learned something! Which is exactly what I was hoping to get out of the workshop!  I cannot wait until the next one! 
The weekend was eventful, I feel like I need another one just to recover!  Anyone else think that Friday should just be a weekend rather than weekday?  Three day weekends all the time sound pretty great to me!
Have a great week friends!  Linking up with Biana for Weekending! 


216 thoughts on “The Weekend

  1. First off, YAY for the new car!! It looks like I may be in the market for a new car earlier than expected due to complications on my current car and a Toyota Rav-4 is one of the top cars on my short list! Love the sporty look of it! Also yay for blates, looooved meeting you and Ashley and can't wait to do it again soon!!


  2. Oh, i love the new car! A Toyota will last you forever, sometimes it is great just to have a piece of mind. I want to attend a blogger meet up i think that would be so much fun, i am just too shy. It sounds like you've had a great weekend!


  3. You definitely had a full and exciting weekend! I love how your candlesticks turned out, and it's so much fun to meet up with fellow bloggers, especially if it involves good food and learning about something fun too. We've been to Lawless a couple times with work, and it really is a fun and cool place for a meetup!


  4. I totally feel you on needing a weekend to recover from the past weekend! Work is going to be a struggle, but hoping it goes quickly for us both! That little area looks adorable, perfect for a future wedding ;)! That workshop/meet up sounds awesome and glad you learned some things from it, those pictures you took are incredible!


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