My First Big Girl Problem

I am currently having my first “big girl” problem since moving to Florida.
It’s a problem that most girls dread having.
Can you guess what it is?
Yeah that’s right. 
The whole story of what has happened since Saturday night is incredibly complicated and depressing. 
I might even start crying again as I type this.
To make a long story short, my car key got stuck in my ignition.  Initially I couldn’t get the car to turn off, then we got it off, but the battery was still on.  So to fix that, we talked to my roommates dad who told us how to disconnect the battery.  
I took the car to Firestone but when we got the car towed there they told me they couldn’t fix it and I needed to take it to a dealer.  Luckily the dealer was just around the corner from the Firestone.  BUT, the service part of the dealership was closed by the time we finally got there.  
Oh and by this time I couldn’t get the car to turn off AGAIN.  
I then get told by a car salesman to take the car to the service center, leave it there, fill out this slip and leave my car key with it.  Hello! My key is STUCK in the ignition! I can’t just leave it.
By this time I am sobbing because I’m so frustrated with my entire situation.
Luckily we found a mechanic who was still there and he  popped the hood and in about two seconds had the car off and the battery disconnected.  
(note to self: When I finally find myself a man, make sure he knows at least a little bit about cars.)
So this morning I’ve been waiting to hear from the service center to see what the estimate will be on the car.  I now know I need a new ignition lock cylinder (whatever the heck that is), new brakes, new lug-nuts, AND new tires.  
Once again I started bawling and thinking about how much my life is sucking right now.
(PS. this whole time I’ve been calling my parents to let them know about all that is happening. And hearing their voices just makes me cry harder and really wish that I still lived at home.)
This whole situation is just annoying and frustrating. 
 I’m finally living on my own, taking responsibility for my own life and this happens.  
This is my first real taste of being a grown up and I hate it.  
It is making me re-think not looking for a teaching job.  Maybe it would be smarter to start looking for a teaching position here in Orlando instead of working for Disney.  I know I would be happy teaching but I’m still unbelievably happy in my job at Disney.  I adore EVERYTHING about it.  
But is it smarter to find a job that I would love and make more money or stay in a job I love just as much and make significantly less? 
Oh the bright side of things, I have the best roommates in the world.  Who have been incredibly helpful and amazing these last 3 days and to have parents who support everything I do and are willing to help when it is needed.  
Without this big support system I would be having a total and complete meltdown.
Maybe I have a long lost aunt or uncle who is planning on leaving me millions.
Hey a girl can dream right?

2 thoughts on “My First Big Girl Problem

  1. Hey sweetie! I'm sorry this is all happening to you :/ I know how you feel … last month my car needed tons of stuff fixed, I had bills galore and things felt outta control. Being a big girl is TOUGH. Saving $$ seems like such an impossibility sometimes. I know you'll make it through this – things always work out. And… remember that your happiness is SO much more important than money. At Hilton I hated everything about my job and life and got soo depressed, but I was making significantly more money than I am now. Though things are sometimes a strain with money, I am soo happy where I am and what I'm doing. Love you!


  2. I think it is encoded in our generations genes to go through stuff like this when we first jump into adult hood. I am so sorry this is happening! I know it seems easier said than done but it will get better. I promise! Remember my meltdown?? You told me the SAME thing and hey, guess what?! You were right. We are all here for you, you know that. Being a grownup SUCKS sometimes, but when you get over these stupid, annoying bumps in the road then it can be enjoyable! I love you so much! Call me if you need to vent.


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