First Guest Post!

(I watched Beauty and the Beast yesterday, so I’m channeling my inner Belle)
Which is totally appropriate because today I am doing my very first guest post over at:

That’s Whitney.
She is one of my very best friends and her favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast!
Thus why channeling my inner Belle is appropriate.

Whitney is super cute, fun, pretty, and a great writer.

She is taking her blog in a new direction by creating Weekly Writing Challenges.
The purpose is to get better in touch with ourselves through, you guessed it, WRITING!

So head over to her adorable little blog and check out my guest post, where I am talking about communicating with people you don’t really get along with or in my case “difficult guests” I encounter in my sweet Guest Relations job!

Oh and she is having a super sweet giveaway too!
What to win?
Yeah, only the best store in the world.
So go check her out, you’ll love her.
I promise! 🙂

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