Anna Karenina

Monday night I went to Downtown Disney to have dinner with my friend Katie and her new hubby.  We also met another friend and her new hubby.  Which I thought was going to be mega awkward since it was two couples and me. (Fifth wheel anyone?)  But it turned out to be a good dinner.
We had a fairly early dinner at Planet Hollywood (which is totally overpriced if you ask me) and afterward the others decided to walk around but I decided to head home.
I was walking by the AMC theatre when I saw that Anna Karenina was playing.As y’all know if you read this post,  it’s one of my must see holiday movies.  So I double checked the time and saw it had just started 10 minutes before, so I bought myself a ticket and went inside.
Now I’m not really one do go and do things alone. For example, you’ll never find me eating a meal alone in a restaurant, like EVER.  But I would go to the movies alone once a week if my bank account allowed me too.
Today I’m giving you my thoughts on Anna Karenina.

I’ve never read the book, by Leo Tolstoy and luckily you don’t really have to have read the book to follow the story line fairly easily. But for those of you who don’t know what the story is about here is a brief synopsis.Anna Karenina is the beautiful wife of a Russian government official,  Karenin. They have a seemingly happy marriage until Anna meets a man in the Russian military Count Vronsky.  The film tells the story of their passionate love affair.
The film stars Keira Knightly and Jude Law.  That alone made this film a given for me to see.  Along with the fact that it is a period film.  I will see any film that is a period film.It’s my favorite genre. 

I loved the way the told the story.  It was as if we were all actually sitting in an old fashion opera house and each scene was played out as acts in a play.  Now this wasn’t the way the entire movie was set up but the majority of it was.  It definitely required that you pay attention though because each scene moved pretty quickly.  One minute you’re in a ballroom in Moscow and the next you’re on a train to St. Petersburg. 

Keira Knightly and Jude Law did a great job portraying Anna and her husband, Karenin.   I don’t want to spoil the story if you’ve never read the book nor seen the movie, but you find yourself torn between feeling sorry for Anna and hating her at the same time.

I think my favorite part was the costumes.  They were to die for, especially since the film is based in the late 1800s, the gowns, hats, and jewels are drool worthy.  And as most of you know I was born in the wrong era, so I’m dying to wear just about every dress in the film.

 (Side note: Shout out to all you Downton Abbey fans out there!  Michelle Dockery aka Mary Crawley is in the film. Not gonna lie I was pretty excited when I recognized her! I love Downton Abbey!)

 So if you enjoy great costumes, great music (this film is full of it), the late 1800s and all its society drama then you will love Anna Karenina.

Now I’m off to read the book!

One thought on “Anna Karenina

  1. Oh my gosh I'm surprised you liked it! I was so excited and absolutely hated it… almost walked out. I thought it was so overdone and I had no sympathy for Anna at all… I didn't even really believe she was in love with the other man. I WAS BUMMED!!! big time.


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