i am currently…….

I’m feeling in a “sharing” mood today.  And by “sharing” I mean I feel like sharing some of my “currently’s”.  Not as in I’m prepared to share the Ben and Jerry’s Salted Caramel ice cream that I ate last night. Sorry.  But if you like vanilla ice cream and caramel and blonde brownie bits…..then this is your kinda ice cream.

Currently I am……..

Feeling: Tiny little cat paws kneading my stomach.  Seriously as I type this Sadie is kneading her paws into my stomach.  Thankfully I clipped her nails recently otherwise it would hurt like hell.  Silly kitty.

Reading: Just finished up a fantastic read called The Husbands Secret by Liane Moriarty.  It was very very good.  Plan on doing a book review on it soon. So stay tuned.  I really want to read her newest book that’s out call Big Little Lies.  I’ve heard it’s amazing as well.  Anyone read either of these yet?

Drinking: Earl Grey Tea.  There is nothing better then a cup of tea before bed.  And I’ve recently become quite taken with Earl Grey, although I’m much more partial to Lady Earl Grey.  Sidenote: cannot WAIT to be sipping a cup of tea at Kensington Palace: The Orangery this July.  Yeah that’s happening while we’re in London and I am pretty excited about it.

Smelling:  The tea.  And my Lucky in Love Scentsy. And maybe just maybe the tiniest hint of cat litter that is drifting into my room from my closet.  #catladyproblems

Listening to:  Commercials and the dryer.  Our dryer is unnaturally loud.  Someone needs to invent a silent dryer.  Or at least a sound proof one.  Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if that wasn’t already a thing and I just have no idea about it.

Watching:  Well I’m gonna tell you what I just finished watching rather than what I’m actually watching (The Holiday).  So I just finished watching This Boy’s Life, starring the one and only Leo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro (I totally almost spelled that Dinero, before I looked it up and found the real spelling.)  For Christmas Jenny helped me complete one of my goals in life, which is to own every single Leonardo DiCaprio movie there is.  I know own them all.  (Except that I can’t find my copy of The Great Gatsby even thought I know I own it.  It’s very frustrating actually.)

Anticipating:  The weekend!  On Saturday, some friends and I are making a day out of it and going to brunch and then to an early showing of 50 Shades of Grey.  So I’m gonna need the week to hurry the heck up and be over already.

Wishing for: SUMMER!!!! I am so ready to have absolutely nothing to do all day.  One of the perks of being a teacher.  Also a never ending supply of money.  That would be just lovely.

Loving:  Paper Mate felt tip pens (still). My iPad mini.  Sadie. Blogging. My new “Wet Brush” (it it seriously the best brush I’ve ever had.  It brushes right through my tangles and doesn’t pull/hurt my head at all).  Friends.  My latest shellac manicure.  Peanut butter.

****These are all from last night.  Blogging is virtually impossible to do at school when you’re a teacher.  Unless there’s a test day.  But even then you have to make sure these little angels (said with extreme sarcasm) aren’t cheating or anything. 

What are some of YOUR currently’s?  

One thought on “i am currently…….

  1. So glad that you liked The Husband's Secret! It was really good. I liked Big Little Lies, too. I think one of my favorites of hers was What Alice Forgot, but The Husband's Secret is a close tie for me since it was the first one of hers that I'd read!P.S. now I'm craving that salted caramel ice cream!


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