Oh Baby, Baby

Two weeks ago I spent an entire week with my best friend Ashley and her new baby Lacey.  I wasn’t sure what to expect since I was so used to it just being the two of us when I came to visit BB (before baby.)  But it was absolutely wonderful.  Obviously things were different, but it was a good kind of different.  Lacey made things so much more fun (you know when she wasn’t crying. lol)  The best part was watching Ashley fill her new title of “Mommy.”   
When I first got there we were just hanging out eating lunch and Ashley said to me…”Oh you should write a blog post all about what it’s like being around a baby.”  So I’m doing just that.  Taking all the things I observed and learned and writing them down.  You know, so I can  come back to them later when it’s officially my turn.
So here we have :
8 Things About Babies from Someone Who’s Not Even Close to Having One Herself

1. Babies are EXPENSIVE:  This one is no surprise.  And from what Ashley tells me just the actual business of having the baby is expensive.  And you’re responsible for that little bundle for the next 18 years. Yikes. Gives you a new appreciation for your own parents.
2. Babies are kinda gross.  Ok really gross.  Ashley shared me with me all the gross stuff that comes out of Lacey…including yellow poop and the fact that her neck smells.  Now I didn’t get to smell this phenomenon myself.  But according to Ashley because she drools little (actually she blows bubbles and its adorable) the drool drips into her neck and since she can’t hold her neck up it like just kinda sits there and…stews.  But she sometimes you get a whiff of it and it’s not pleasant. 
3. Babies are picky.  Lacey (and most babies I’m guessing) likes to be held in a certain way.  And if you’re not holding her they way she wants to be held boy will she let you know about it.  She prefers to be held standing up (as in you’re standing) facing outward.  And if you’re not standing and moving at the sometime, Little Miss is just not happy.  
4. Babies like music.  I found this super interesting.  If we had Lacey in her swinging chair and she was kinda of fussy or if we were in the car and she was fussy all Ashley had to do was turn on One Directions Steal My Girl and Lacey was a happy girl.  She’s obviously going to love boy bands.

5. Going anywhere with a baby is a big production.  You have to remember to bring so many things.  Diapers, burp cloths, whips, a toy, an extra outfit (for massive poop blowouts), pacifier.  And that’s not including remember your own stuff and getting the car seat into and out of the car.  
6. Little comments that come out of Mom are the funniest.  Ashley would say little things to Lacey that made me crack up.  The one that sticks out the most though was when were were at the pediatricians office and Lacey started to get a little fussy and Ashley started to whisper to her, “Don’t be that baby.  Don’t be that baby.  Please don’t be that baby.”  hilarious.
7. Baby clothes are the best.  The amount of clothes Lacey has is crazy.  And she’s only 3 months old.  but boy are her outfits adorable.  No matter what Ashley put her in she looked like a doll.  Especially when her outfit was paired with an adorable bow.  
8. Babies and Mommies have the best relationship in the whole world.  This is probably the best thing about being a mommy.  It was so fun to watch Ashley just be a mom to Lacey.  Just the way she watches Lacey and the way Lacey watches her will make you a little teary.  Sometimes all it would take is Lacey getting into Ashley’s arms for her to stop being fussy.  It was such a wonder to see.  I think this is what I’m most looking forward to when it’s my turn.
Spending a few days with my best friend will never be the same again.  We will always have a little person with us from here on out.  Well unless we leave said little person with Dad and have a girls day, which we did! It was definitely different but a good kind of different.   And I have to say, I am so glad that Ashely is experiencing all this first so that way when it’s my turn there are zero surprises! 
We took Lacey to Barnes and Noble for the very first time and while we were there I snapped some pictures of her and Ashley.  She was such a trooper and did absolutely amazing as we browsed for books. I didn’t get a smile out of her but I got some pretty good facial expressions from her.  She clearly loved B&N just as much as her mommy and I do.  

Having a baby is hard.  Real hard. I saw that first hand.  And while I am excited to have a few of my own, hanging with Lacey and Ashley made me realize that maybe I’m not quite as ready as my ovaries tell me I am whenever I see a cute baby.  But having a baby is definitely in my future.  Just not yet! 🙂

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