Currently {February}

Reading… I think because I powered through 6 books in January I got a tad burnt out on the reading front this month.  I’m not devouring book after book right now but I am currently reading the second book in the Throne of Glass series:

Drinking…Lady Earl Grey tea and water.  Always water and lately always Lady Grey.  It’s my favorite tea and lately I’ve been drinking it every night around 8:00pm.

Watching…the new series American Crime Story.  Like everyone else, I knew all about OJ Simpson and I remember my mom and dad and everyone obsessively watching the trial.  But since I was only 7 years old when everything happened.  The show is fascinating to say the least.  And apparently the series itself is a spin off series of American Horror Story.

Listening to…This song on repeat.  I’m obsessed.  Ask my students, they just love hearing it over and over again.

Thinking about…SUMMER VACATION!  So I know I mentioned that my family and I are going to Washington DC in June.  Which we are all so excited for.  We’ve settled on going the last week in June. But the best part is that my mom told me that she and my dad and brother want to drive up to New York for a day or two too!!!  AHHH! Washington and New York.  I need it to be June please. K thanks!  (Ps. Is it sad that one of the reasons I’m so excited is because I’m gonna have some awesome stuff to blog about this summer?  Cuz it is! 🙂 )

Looking Forward to…the next two weekends!  I’m photographing a friends wedding this weekend.  (Don’t worry it’s a very small and intimate wedding so my lack pf stellar skills is acceptable!)  And of course THRIVE!  AH I’m so excited for this I can’t stand it.  This weekend I’m gonna be shopping for my outfit.  It’s a little intimidating because I know everyone is going to be dressed super cute and stylish and I just really hope that I find something that meets those two criteria!  Any suggestions for a good place to shop would be highly welcomed! 🙂

(photo courtesy of Meg Cady Photography)

Wearing….the monogram pajamas my bestie Jordan gave me as a bridesmaids gift!  They are seriously the most comfy PJs I own and they have my monogram on them.  Win Win.  I wore them to pajama day at school last semester and it was widely questioned if I actually slept in them.  The answer is yes, yes I do.

Wanting…some ice cream.  Luckily I have the tastiest ice cream in my freezer right now and as soon as I finish writing this post I’m going to have some.  It’s Ben and Jerry’s Salted Caramel Core.  SO GOOD!

NeedingA new blog button.  For some reason mine disappeared and I have no clue why.  But I need to update the button anyway so now I’m on the hunt for tutorials that will help me make a new one that fits with my current blog design.

Laughing at…these funnies.
Happy Thursday! 🙂
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7 thoughts on “Currently {February}

  1. Yay for your DC trip!! Definitely lots of fun stuff to blog about, and hopefully one of them is a blate!! :)Good luck at the wedding this weekend–I'm sure your photographs will be awesome 🙂


  2. I'm in the same boat you are with reading! I read so much in January to finish that reading challenge,and now I'm just kind of like whatever with reading. That's so exciting that y'all are going to NYC on top of DC! That's going to be such a fun trip! And hooray for Thrive! I can't wait to hear about all the amazing bloggers you meet and everything you learn!


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