February Goals

I’m usually not one to make “monthly goals”, I pretty much just stick with yearly ones.  But I’ve come to the decision that it would be a good idea to start setting monthly goals to hold myself more accountable for accomplishing my bigger goals.  I’m hoping that setting and accomplishing these small goals will set me up for more success when it comes to meeting my big yearly goals.  (Which you can read here).  Plus it always fun to accomplish a goal!  It helps give you sense of purpose and fulfillment in my humble opinion!

So, I plan to try and set four to five monthly goals at the end/beginning of each month.  The goals will vary and will cover several different aspects of life: work, personal, and blog.  I’m gonna try and set at least one goal that will cover each category.

1. Read 5 books.  I have really been slacking it in the reading department so far this year.  I only got through 3 books in January and if I want to accomplish my goal of reading 75 this year I need to read more.  My problem has been not knowing what to read.  I have so many books on my TBR list that it’s difficult to pick which to read next!  So I WILL read at least 5 books this month.

2.  Clean out my closet.  I need to do a bit of pre-spring cleaning in my closet.  I have so many items that get zero wear that all they’re doing is taking up space.  But I also need to take an inventory of sorts of the clothes I do have and put together outfits so I’m not tempted to buy anything new.  Because I really don’t NEED any.  But boy do I sure WANT new everything!

3.  Print photos for my frames.  I have 4 really pretty photo frames sitting in various spots around the apartment that are empty.  And have been like that for months.  So I need to settle on four and just print them already.  It’ll be bring a little more personality into my little space!

4.  Open up a separate savings account.  This is something that needs to happen ASAP.  I currently have saving account but it’s connected to my main checking account and is visible to me at all times. Which is a problem because I can easily transfer money between the accounts and so basically it’s just too easily accessible for me.  I need an account where money is automatically taken out of the paycheck and put into a completely separate account that I do no see on a daily and or weekly basis. I’ve realized that is the only realistic way I will be able to save any significant amount of money.


Alright, for my first set of monthly goals I think that’s pretty good start.  It’s gonna be fun to cross these off my list.  I’ve written them in my planner so that I’m constantly reminded of them!  I plan to do the something for March.

I can’t believe it’s already February.  I feel like I’m gonna blink and the school year is gonna be over.  (Which is a-ok with me because I have an epic summer lined up!)

Hope you’re February is off to great start!

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9 thoughts on “February Goals

  1. The savings account is a great idea–and definitely one that you don't see every time you open the bank account.I'd say just look for books that you enjoy instead of feeling pressured to read 5 or 75 or whatever. As long as you're enjoying it, that's what matters! Thanks again for the Throne of Glass rec!


  2. I'm never good at creating my own monthly goals, but I love reading when other people share them! I definitely fall into the same issue of not knowing what to read next and always worrying I'll make the wrong choice (so stupid, haha).


  3. we have a capital one 360 savings account and it is great because it's taken out automatically and you can't see it unless you log in. plus it accrues interest, not a lot but still. good luck with the books! deciding what to read next is sometimes SO hard.


  4. You need to join a reading challenge! If you choose books that you already own or are on your TBR list, it helps you to pick what book you want to read next. The first thing I did for Erin's Challenge was to go through my Netgalley list and fit books in there and then I went through my Nook. I totally need to print out pictures too! They're all just sitting on my computer, and they need to be out for everybody to see!


  5. These are all great goals! I wish I could get through one book a month. I need to step up on my reading. It seems to take me forever these days to finish even a book I love. The savings account is also an awesome idea. I can't see our main savings (I'm sure my husband did that on purpose) and its nice to not know it is there.The Lovely Latte


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